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Direct Hires
Work risk-free with ACES RED on your next open full-time or part-time positions.  We will act as an extension of your recruiting efforts to fill an open position.  Since recruiting is our business, we are able to source, screen, evaluate and hire talent more efficiently and timely, thereby saving you time and money. We work closely with you to ensure we find the best candidates based on your company’s specific needs and culture.

The best part is we work on a contingency basis for direct hires where there is no cost to you until you decide to hire one of our resources. 

Temporary and Contingent Hires

Contract services are a great way for our clients to quickly ramp up and staff a new project to scale, or to obtain that specialized expertise needed for a specific project, or simply to manage cyclical, temporary or seasonal needs with an on-demand staffing model.  

  • Temporary Hires - Life happens.  And when it does, we can help you fill-in for those temporary short-term or long-term needs whether it is because an employee is out on: an extended vacation, maternity leave, long-term medical leave, military leave, sabbatical, or retirement.   ACES RED can help you with a seamless transition during these times by providing prompt fill-ins to minimize the business impact these events may cause.
  • Contract - For positions that require a set amount of time to complete scheduled work and can be extended for a longer amount of time as needed.​
  • Contract-to-Hire -This option offers a trial time period where the client can see if they are interested in offering a full time position to the consultant within their organization. It allows a lower risk option for the client and the consultant to discover if they would be a good fit for a longer term role.

Alexan Consulting Enterprise Services, LLC (ACES RED) brings you a proven track record of success in delivering quality professionals for your small- to large-sized projects. 

Our goal is to help you by offering comprehensive workforce solutions that are highly customizable and easily tailored to meet your business needs.  Whether you have a short-term assignment, or long term project or business need, you can rely on ACES RED to supply top notch talent when you need it most.  

With our proven recruitment, evaluation and candidate selection process, coupled with our team's industry expertise, we deliver talented IT, support, sales and administrative professionals who add value to your business from day one.  

​​Staffing Solutions